Season 4 premiered Feburary 20, 2012 and consisted of 17 episodes, including a two part reunion special. Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell joined the cast while Meeka Claxton did not appear this season.



  • Shaunie O' Neal
  • Evelyn Lozada
  • Suzie Kectham
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Royce Reed
  • Tami Roman
  • Kesha Nichols
  • Kenya Bell


401 Feburary 20, 2012 Evelyn and Jen's friendship is on the rocks while two new "wives" Kesha Nicols and Kenya Bell join the mix.
402 Feburary 27, 2012 The women find shocking vides of Kenya while Royce pursues an off broadway show.
403 March 5, 2012 The women don't agree with Kenya throwing Kesha under the bus while Suzie's behavoir draws attention.
404 March 12, 2012 Tami is angrered by Kesha's back biting while the ladies don't attend Jen's lip gloss launch.
405 March 19, 2012 Evelyn viciously attacks Jen at Shaunie's birthday while Royce and Suzie visit Kesha on her family farm.
406 March 26, 2012 Evelyn challenges Kenya for callin her 'loose'.
407 April 2, 2012 Kenya tries to explain herself while Kesha finds someone to co - sign her side of the story.
408 April 9, 2012 Evelyn explodes at Kenya while Suzie tries to mend fences between Royce and Jen.
409 April 16, 2012 Evelyn's friend challenges Jen.
410 April 23, 2012 The race track fiasco continues.
411 April 30, 2012 Evelyn and Chad discuss their upcoming wedding.
412 May 7, 2012 The trip to Tahati takes a trun for the worse when Tami and Kesha showdown.
413 May 14, 2012 The ladies play a joke on Kenya while Tami and Kesha's drama escalates.
414 May 21, 2012 The women wrap up their trip in Tahati but not without drama as Jen is confronted by Evelyn.
415 May 28, 2012 Shaunie makes a life altering desicion.
416 June 6, 2012 Reunion, Part 1
417 June 11, 2012 Reunion, Part 2

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